Really Real-Time This Time

21st Aug., 2014

Kouio has always made use of WebSockets to keep the data shown within the app up to date. Previously this was limited to the article counts in the left-hand panel, which would be updated as soon as new articles arrived. We've now added even more real-time features using WebSockets.

Here you can see what we creatively refer to as the "New Items Bar" (shown here with "3 new items") - it's a panel that magically appears on top of the items list when new articles arrive, without you needing to interact with the app in any way. Clicking on the new items bar simply loads the new articles, and of course the information is contextual - the data displayed is for the current item list, whether it's a folder, single feed, or all your subscriptions.

Keen users will also notice the "x mins ago" tick over each minute, so those numbers are always up to date!

These are real-time features that many of you will have seen on Facebook and Twitter, so we think they'll feel very natural.