Kouio, Your Mobile RSS Reader

30th Sept., 2013

From the very beginning, we knew mobile would be a big part of Kouio's future. We didn't have to look any further than our own reading habits to see this. Whether you're on the train or stuck in a queue, Kouio should be right there with you.

So today we're really happy to make this happen - just visit on your mobile and enjoy your feeds on the go. In terms of features, what you'll get it something very close to the desktop version. The mobile interface just streamlines the most common tasks.

Here's a peek at the main list view and then with the expanded feed menu.

We're really quite proud of the mobile experience we've been able to achieve in a relatively short time. This comes down to the fact that most of Kouio's core features were designed from the ground-up with mobile in mind - from API optimisations, through to the actual look & feel.

We have a bunch of improvements to roll out over the coming weeks, but we couldn't wait any longer to get it into your hands. We'd really love to hear what you think, so let us know via email or Twitter if you spot any issues or have any suggestions!