Kouio Goes Public

6th Feb., 2014

Well, not really. We're still just two guys building you a great RSS reader, but we have just released a new feature: public profiles for your Kouio account, which is really fun!

The way we've implemented public profiles simply boils down to another sharing service. All you need to do is first choose your Kouio username, by selecting the "public profile" option from the user menu (the little icon in the top right corner of the app).

Once that's done, "Kouio" will appear as just another sharing service whenever you share an article.

When you choose to share back to your Kouio public profile, the article will appear on your profile page, which can be viewed at the URL (where "username" is the username you chose earlier). Here's what Kouio's own profile looks like:

You'll also see here that you can now follow other users' shared articles directly within Kouio! This deceptively looks like a cool new feature, but in fact your shared articles are simply another RSS feed - following another user simply adds this feed to your own account. One of the major things we hear people missing from Google Reader was the social aspect - this is our first step towards bringing that back, we hope you like it.