Extra Sharing Preferences

21st Sept., 2014

Just a quick update from us. We've added extra sharing preferences to the "Connected Services" section of your account page.


Really Real-Time This Time

21st Aug., 2014

Kouio has always made use of WebSockets to keep the data shown within the app up to date. Previously this was limited to the article counts in the left-hand panel, which would be updated as soon as new articles arrived. We've now added even more real-time features using WebSockets.


Enhanced Security

24th July, 2014

We've just rolled out a new CDN that ensures all content is loaded securely within the Kouio app.


Our Recommendations

28th June, 2014

Looking for more content beyond your existing feed subscriptions? Look no further than Kouio's new recommendations engine.


A Global Experiment

20th April, 2014

What do we do here at Kouio when we're not working on the app? We're hacking on side projects that leverage Kouio of course.


Kouio Goes Public

6th Feb., 2014

Well, not really. We're still just two guys building you a great RSS reader, but we have just released a new feature: public profiles for your Kouio account, which is really fun!


So Here's The Full Story

16th Jan., 2014

Today we're excited to release a feature that we know many of you have been waiting for - full article viewing.


Sharing is Caring

8th Dec., 2013

We've pushed out a new sharing feature today that we're really excited about. You can now send any articles in Kouio to third party services that you connect to your Kouio account. These are the initial services we support:


Kouio, Your Mobile RSS Reader

30th Sept., 2013

From the very beginning, we knew mobile would be a big part of Kouio's future. We didn't have to look any further than our own reading habits to see this. Whether you're on the train or stuck in a queue, Kouio should be right there with you.


How We Capture Metrics

6th Sept., 2013

Looking at the user interface for Kouio, you’ll see it primarily revolves around a single page web app, which on the surface looks fairly simplistic, but actually contains many components hidden away behind the scenes, all working together to bring you the magic.


A Progress Update

23rd Aug., 2013

Hey! It's been a month and a half now since we first launched Kouio, and we thought an update on our progress was well overdue. It's been a crazy and fun ride so far, and you've given a us a ton of feedback that has really helped us to shape our initial direction. Here's a quick breakdown of what we've added since first launching: